Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Few of Bud's Favorite Things

Yesterday Bud and I had our first morning alone together in weeks, years, ever?  I'm very excited that I get to have this time alone with him while Audrey is in preschool.  After we dropped Audrey off, we came home.  Bud immediately spied all of these butterflies rather magically flying about.  We played with the butterflies.  It was incredibly sweet and idyllic.  I almost cried.  We came inside and Sailor immediately pooped on the floor.  I almost cried, again.

I decided to start the day off with one of Bud's favorite activities.  Cracking eggs.  I got out the muffin mix and Bud got to work.

How blissful is Bud?

Concentrating ...

Then, to add to the already wild day of muffin-making, I got out the scissors for Bud's second favorite activity, paper cutting.

I am having a blast being at home.  Thanks, Alex, for making this opportunity possible.  

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Second Day of Preschool

It's going to be ninety degrees today, and already the humidity is at a million percent, and still the kids insist on wearing their boots.  


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

First Day of Preschool!

Yesterday was Audrey's first day of preschool.  We began the festivities Sunday night with a trip to the local ice cream shop.  (For the record, Milford actually has four local ice cream shops).  This girl is almost four.  I. Cannot. Believe. It.

These guys continue to be goofballs.

To commemorate the occasion, Alex bought Audrey her first watch.  She was very proud.

And to commemorate the occasion, I bought Audrey her first pair of motorcycle boots.

Here's my big girl all ready on her first day!  (Then my camera ran out of batteries, and thus, the rest of the day's awesome moments are lost to history).

Monday, June 24, 2013

Instagram! Part 1

Instead of blogging, here's what I've been doing on other social networking sites ...

If I had more time, I would talk about how my iPhone has fundamentally changed my life.  Alas, I do not.  I will just have to let the photos speak for themselves.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Big Things Happening Round These Parts

Inline image 1


Theodore Alex Miller

English Department

Interrogating Postmodern Masculinities: Gender and Identity in the Fiction of
Graham Swift, Roddy Doyle, James Kelman, and Martin Amis

 Mentor: Dr. Daniel Contreras
Committee Member: Dr.  Philip Sicker
Committee Member: Dr. 
 Glenn Hendler
Reader: Dr. Anne Fernald
  Reader: Dr.  Nicola Pitchford

Date: Friday, April 19

Time: 2:30 p.m.

Place: Rose HiIl Campus – Keating 124


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Scary Days Ahead

The day is rapidly approaching when I will go from a Mom-Who-Works-From-Home to a (part-time) Stay-At-Home-Mom.  I'm attempting to assuage any ambivalent feelings I have about this by spending a lot of time on Pinterest, planning outdoor activities, and comparison shopping various home goods.  BTW, mayonnaise is cheaper at Target (as all are condiments) than at StopnShop, but somehow I think Target wins every time I go there.

Anyways, as a sign of the approaching times, I found this dehydrated strawberries recipe on Pinterest, and I thought, what a healthy snack for my children!  This is what the photo presented to me.

This is what I made.

Little alien strawberries.

The kids were unamused.  Here is Audrey, refusing to let anything like that strawberry near her mouth and contentedly munches on a fish stick instead.

Bud's response was a direct: