Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Daily Audrey: Afternoon Edition

After yesterday's well-received post about a typical Audrey morning, I decided to continue with a post about our afternoon, especially since methinks we will be stuck inside yet again.  Rain, rain, you know where to go . . .

Audrey seems to be in the midst of some sort of growth spurt; she has been firmly attached to my boobs for, I kid you not, the last two hours.  Here she is asleep, but that doesn't mean she won't be right back for more any minute:

I'm getting tons of writing done, but starvation is starting to set in.  Audrey wakes and I rush into the kitchen to fix myself a pb&j.  She's waking rather slowly . . .

Later, we practice sitting up:

In the last few days Audrey has really taken a shine to Sailor, much to Sailor's total disinterest.  Today she even tried to talk to her, but Sailor wasn't listening (she rarely does listen).

I checked on dinner, a roaster chicken.  Much to my dismay, my crock pot recently met his demise in a headlong collision with a Fiestaware plate.  The plate left the scene unscathed, but the crock pot cracked beyond all repair.  This means my rather large roaster chicken has been stuffed into my medium-sized dutch oven (dutch oven *giggle*).  This strikes me as unusual in that roaster chickens are often stuffed, but rarely are they themselves the stuffee.  And I now see why: stuffing a large, slithery, raw chicken into a smaller receptacle is no easy task and by the looks of things, it is also not entirely conducive to cooking.

Hanging out in the bedroom while I write.  We tend to move from room to room in attempt to keep Audrey entertained while I crank out my literary masterpiece.  

Audrey is breastfeeding again. As soon as she is finished with this afternoon's milk buffet, I'm going to attempt to spice up her solid foods--she has only had milky cereal thus far--by adding some veg to her diet.  Tara gave me a wonderful baby food processor, which will soon be making its virgin voyage with some steamed (steamy?) sweet potato.  Sweet potatoes, a yummy first vegetable, yes?  

Well, this afternoon has just been a delight :)
"Gonna find my baby, gonna hold her tight."

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Daily Audrey: Morning Edition

Oh, the rain.  I thought I would celebrate the rainy day outside with a glimpse of sunshine inside.  The following is an account of our rather typical morning.

Alex usually gives us a kiss good-bye a little before six-ish.  I manage to mumble something about driving safely.  This makes me feel like a caring wife.

Audrey wakes up anywhere between 6 and 7.  (She typically works her arms out of her swaddle somewhere around midnight).

Most of my day is spent attached to the not-so-wee babe, but right out of bed Audrey allows me a little me time.  I toss her into the crib and make myself some breakfast.  I'm able to peruse most of the New York Times before she demands my attention for the rest of the day.  (Back in Audrey's newborn days, often Alex would come home from work to find my breakfast toast still in the toaster because I would not have time to butter my toast, much less eat it.)

We play some games.

Try to remember to do Tummy Time, which she hates, but her lack of Tummy Time is starting to have dire style consequences.  Hence the result of too much scooting on her back:

Housework/shower while Audrey chills in her vibrating chair, which we bought at a garage sale, and alas, has never actually vibrated that we know of.  But it does a fantastic job of strapping her in.

Audrey eats, then naps.  This is when I'm supposed to be teaching Audrey to fall asleep on her own.  Instead of teaching her an important life skill, I let her sleep on my lap while I shop online for bathing suits.

Then it's onto working on the dissertation while she rolls around until she demands to be held:

Then bounced:

Audrey and I are listening to "Bad Romance," which I always think of as our song, except instead of writing a Bad Romance, we're writing a Shitty Chapter.

Maybe Naked Time will entertain her while I work.  

Peeing on the rug (insert Big Lebowski joke here) signals that it's time to get dressed.

Getting a little cranky.  Mistress Audrey demands to be entertained!

And Audrey's back asleep:

Stay tuned for an afternoon with Audrey . . . 

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Daily Audrey: Hungry Hippo

In the past doctors recommended babies wait to eat solids until six months because this decreased the chances of developing allergies, but that theory has recently been debunked.  So now, once a baby reaches four months, and if the baby can sit up, the baby can begin solids.

And since Audrey can sit up,

and she's definitely four months old, it's time to dig in!

Here is Audrey eating her first bite of organic brown rice cereal (a four-to-one ratio of breast milk to powdery rice substance):

Dad helped out, too:

I think she actually got bigger while she ate her first solid meal.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Daily Audrey: With a Moo-Moo Here

Audrey's First Farm Trip
We went to  Beaver Creek farm in Old Lyme.

Alex made a new friend.

Several new friends, I should say.

Audrey was riveted the entire time.

Later we loaded up on some farm-made cheeses and a few lamb kielbasas.  Farm work makes a girl hungry.

I almost forgot to post a picture of Audrey's awesome farm outfit!  Sorry!

Not entirely seasonally appropriate, I know. It was sunny, but not particularly warm.  Oh, and those decorative watermelon slices are actually practical watermelon pockets!  

And just in case you thought Audrey always takes a beautiful picture, may I remind you that this blog represents a rather biased sample.  Behold:

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Daily Audrey: Live Blogging Sleep Experiment #2

At Audrey's four month check-up the pediatrician highly recommended we begin teaching Audrey to soothe herself to sleep.  (She also recommended we begin doing this at her two-month check-up.  She was rather stern about it this time around.)  Apparently, four to six months is the critical time period to teach babies to self-soothe before baby learns to be rather manipulative in the sleep arena.  For now this means putting Audrey down when she is sleepy, but not asleep.  If she wakes up, we should let her cry but for no longer than three minutes.   And so, here is our first attempt at teaching Audrey to fall asleep on her own.

Live Blogging the Sleep Experiment:

9.45   Nursed her to asleep, which I'm not supposed to do, but she fell asleep a full hour earlier than I expected her to.

9.55   Sleeping in her crib.  Actually opened some dissertation work.

10.15  Compulsively checking on her even though we are in the same room.

10.20  Moved myself to the living room because she's woken up.  I gave her a goodnight kiss and then left because I didn't want to distract her from falling back asleep.

10.22  Cooing and laughing in her crib.  Every time she is quiet for more than, oh, three seconds I (and sometimes Sailor) rush in to make sure she is okay.

10.23  She is okay.

10.35  Making fussy noises.  Not going to pick her up.  Not going to pick her up.  Not going to pick her up.

10.36  Crying.  This is going to be a long three minutes.

10.37  Hate this.  Sailor pacing.

10.39  Picked her up. Still crying.

10.45  Still trying to soothe her down.

10.50  Singing.  Bouncing.  She is still upset.

11.00  Trying to comfort nurse.  She is still frustrated.

11.23  Finally have her comforted enough to attempt to lay her back down again.  Closed the blinds and turned on one of her soothing sound machines.

11.30  Cooing and laughing in her crib.

11.33  Crying.

11.36  Still crying.  Sailor is sleeping soundly through this round.

11.37  And now, today's sleep experiment ends with me again picking her up. 

11.45 Sound asleep on my lap.

12.05  Oh, wait!  She's back up again!

12.30  Sailor poops on the floor.

12.45  Back down.

3.00  Still sleeping on my chest.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Daily Audrey: The Three Wise Women

In the last week or so a few wise women travelled far from their homelands to admire Audrey and laden her with gifts.  (We're expecting a little drummer boy to be showing up any minute now.)


Not looking entirely comfortable with this whole baby business . . . 

A few days later Leah graced us with her presence.

Perhaps looking more comfortable holding Audrey than Patty did, but I also know that Leah had a lot more to drink that day, so make your own conclusions.

And last, but not least, Stephanie!

Audrey is very lucky to have to so many courageous women in her life.  They braved highway 95 and public transportation just to see us and we are very thankful.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Daily Audrey: Hit Me With Your Best Shot!

Monday was Audrey's four-month check-up.

Our heavyweight champ weighed in at an impressive 16 pounds, 11 ounces. 

She clearly had no idea shots were in her near future,

though she started to get a little suspicious . . . 

The infant Tylenol knocked her out for the rest of the evening, which was great 'cause there was a Hoarders marathon on.  Tuesday she spent most of the day loudly expressing her dislike of the previous day's events by indulging in an all-day Cranky.

What I am thankful for . . . 

. . . my healthy baby, cranky or not.
. . . that my baby has access to quality healthcare.  
. . . that our government finally saw fit to ensure that all children have access to quality healthcare.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Daily Audrey: Pajama Party!

Audrey is four months today!  We've decided to celebrate by staying in our pajamas all day!  

Pajama Party!!!

The birthday pajama festivities have already exhausted Audrey; she is sound asleep on my lap.  Just yesterday the pediatrician explicitly told me that I needed to stop nursing Audrey to sleep and teach her to fall asleep on her own.  But its her birthday and we're here to PARTY!!!


Even Sailor is partied out.  

At least Audrey's pajamas are still up for a good time . . . 

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Daily Audrey: The Cuteness is Gonna Get You!

Audrey caught a bad case of The Cuteness last week:

It began innocently enough with a new strawberry onesie and matching pink skirt/pants combo.  (If you look closely, there are strawberry knee pads on the pants).

But The Cuteness just got cuter:

Before we knew it, The Cuteness was unstoppable!

She became even too cute for clothes!

And still, The Cuteness persisted.  We tried putting her to bed . . . 

But, Lord, how The Cuteness clung!

We are beginning to suspect The Cuteness might be a genetic thing . . . 

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Daily Audrey: Shmishertation

Every Tuesday and Thursday evening I escape to a locally-owned organic coffee shop to work on my dissertation.  (Okay.  I lie.  I go to Starbucks.  The parking is just so much better).  Motherhood has made me a mistress of efficiency; the writing is coming along almost like I have a deadline or something.  (Actually I do have a deadline:  May 2013).  

Considering the dismal job market and my mediocre academic talent, sometimes I wonder why I even bother.  Especially when I miss this moment:

Or this moment:

Audrey is holding her duck rattle in her mouth!!!  Amazing!!!  Certainly more amazing than anything I have to contribute academia.  Perhaps I should change my dissertation to "Audrey Louise Miller: Awesome, Awesomeness, and the Art of Being Awesome."

(The above photos were lovingly taken by Pops Miller while Momma Miller ran off to chase her foolish academic dreams when she should have been at home enjoying the dream come true sitting in her living room).

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Daily Audrey: Call Me Audrey

I wrote a few posts ago about my attempt to get Audrey to nap on a somewhat regular basis.  The Nap Manifesto, if you remember, required some assembly.  Yup, we've finally put together the crib.

Alex and I are big proponents of co-sleeping, so we initially didn't foresee the necessity of assembling the crib before Audrey outgrew her co-sleeper.  However, we also didn't foresee my total inability to let my daughter out of my sight.  This has meant that instead of her napping in her co-sleeper in the bedroom, which is far, far away from the living room, she napped on me, in her swing, or in her pack n play.  Well, the "little" missy outgrew her pack n play about two months before she was supposed to, and so we finally put together her crib.  And thus our study with a changing table in it (conveniently located adjacent to the living room) has changed to a nursery with a desk in it.  

I went with a pirate/jungle/sailor theme or what I like to call "working-class British colonialism."  Mermaids and monkeys abound and leopard print is used unsparingly.  

The study, once full of hundreds of books, is now a nursery with a basket of children's literature.

Anybody know where I can get an infant shoe rack?