Friday, March 12, 2010

The Daily Audrey: Shmishertation

Every Tuesday and Thursday evening I escape to a locally-owned organic coffee shop to work on my dissertation.  (Okay.  I lie.  I go to Starbucks.  The parking is just so much better).  Motherhood has made me a mistress of efficiency; the writing is coming along almost like I have a deadline or something.  (Actually I do have a deadline:  May 2013).  

Considering the dismal job market and my mediocre academic talent, sometimes I wonder why I even bother.  Especially when I miss this moment:

Or this moment:

Audrey is holding her duck rattle in her mouth!!!  Amazing!!!  Certainly more amazing than anything I have to contribute academia.  Perhaps I should change my dissertation to "Audrey Louise Miller: Awesome, Awesomeness, and the Art of Being Awesome."

(The above photos were lovingly taken by Pops Miller while Momma Miller ran off to chase her foolish academic dreams when she should have been at home enjoying the dream come true sitting in her living room).


Your Humble Narrator said...

We're both very proud of your dedication to your academics!

Christina said...

dude: write a witty and touching memoir of being a new mom and academic, publish it, rake in the cash (anything with "mommy" as an adjective before it seems to make money), and treat the phd as a luxury. "the incidental doctor" - like the accidental tourist, but BETTER.