Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Daily Audrey: Revenge of the Cuteness!

Yesterday Audrey debuted her new swim suit.

The backyard was overwhelmed with the Cuteness.

Things got a little windy . . . 

But the Cuteness persevered.

So much Cuteness tires a girl out.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Daily Audrey: Daddy Day Highlights

Yesterday was full of family, love, and German food.  We headed north to Cabela's to check out some fly fishing gear and to stare rudely at the other customers.  From there we went to the Eastside restaurant, a German eatery located in the middle of nowhere Connecticut.  Ja gut!

Audrey prepped for the festivities by practicing her monster face.

And mastering the art of sticking out her tongue.

Das Biergarten was a laugh riot!

Das Bier und Madchen!

Much to our delight, the lederhosen-enveloped waitstaff  chanted "ticky-tocky, ticky-tocky" every time someone ordered a beer.  (I have been to Germany about a dozen times and have never experienced a chanting waitstaff).

The meal included a meat plate larger than Audrey.

Guten Tag, indeed!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Memorial Day Montage!

Due to a series of technical difficulties (mostly related to the fact that we're "borrowing" the signal of one of our neighbors), I've had a hard time getting this video up and running. To tell you the truth, I'm not completely certain that is actually going to work this time. Consequently, I'm not going to waste our collective time by blathering on here about what you're about to view. Instead, I will let the montage speak for itself--Enjoy...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Daily Audrey: Farmin'

Last weekend we visited a local farm, Common Grounds.  http://www.nhep.com/  It's a school and community center and farm all wrapped up in earthy goodness.  

Audrey learned about chickens.

She learned about goats.

She even learned a little bit about birds and bees from a couple of amorous bunnies.

There was some sandbox time.

And there was a lot of time watching Pops Miller try to catch a chicken.

You can do it!

Ladies and Gents, May I present the Master of the Chicken!

After a long day working the farm a girl needs to kick back back with a cold one

and some cuteness.

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Daily Audrey: Love Letter

Dear Auntie Paula,

Thank you so much for your visit!  I had the best time ever.  Remember when we went for a walk and my toe snuck out?

And I told you the funniest jokes ever?

I could chew on your face all day long . . . 

In fact, I think I did . . . 

I might pause for a moment.

And then I would be back to chew on your face some more!

Other times we just hung out being cute.

And even cuter.

I love you so much!  I can't wait till I'm older and you can give me gum all the time and let me wear your high heels.


Friday, June 4, 2010

The Daily Audrey: Drive Me Crazy

Last weekend, the youngest Miller family ventured down to Long Beach Island to spend Memorial Day weekend with the elder Millers.  (More on that fun-filled weekend in a later blog).  LBI is about 175 miles from our abode, a drive that should take about three hours.  But not on Memorial Day weekend!  No sir!  Driving on Memorial Day weekend, during Friday rush hour through New York Effin' City, the drive takes almost seven hours.

Things I learned about long-distance driving with Baby:

1.  It's important to be right.

I told Alex we should leave early Saturday morning, but he insisted on leaving Friday afternoon.  During Hour Four of traffic stuckness, it felt good to remind him that I was right.

2.  Capitalism is awesome.

Putting a few favorite toys in the car for Baby to play with is not enough.  Bring all the toys.  Perhaps buy new ones, just in case.  You are enclosed in a small, fuel-efficient car with a howling baby; this is not the time to teach Baby that happiness does not come from things!  Things will make everyone happy.

3.  You can't cry if your mouth is full.

I packed food for everyone, but this is not the time to mix some cereal and fill a sippee cup with water.  Do this beforehand.  Bring food in all shapes and sizes and be ready to dispense it like a human vending machine.  Which brings me to . . . .

4.  You have no reason to cry if your mouth is full.

The desperate howls of Baby, mixed with the standing traffic of the cross-Bronx expressway, put me in primitive mom mode.  Out of my seat belt, but with Audrey firmly placed in her car seat, I nursed Audrey to sleep.  It was only momentarily weird, then it was awesome.  In fact, I felt downright BADASS.

Here's a couple of cute pics of Audrey, since I know you all are only reading for the pictures.

Trekkie Baby!

Gender Rule Breaking Baby!

Hungry Baby!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Product Placement: Front Carriers

I know babywearing is very much the thing these days.  Back in my preggo days, I received much unsolicited advice about the importance of  wearing my future baby.  A self-rightous no-longer-Facebook friend wrote  me, "A worn baby is a happy baby."  And since I clearly wanted my baby to be happy, I stockpiled a plethora of expensive packs in which to later package my baby.

We began with a sling.  I didn't like it; my mom viewed it suspiciously.  I hung it up, more or less unused.  Then it was recalled because it had caused several infants to suffocate.  Woah.

We then moved on to the Bjorn.  Success!  While it's a bit tricky to negotiate at first (all those straps and baby limbs!), it quickly moved into our wearer of choice.  I felt so safe and snuggly with Audrey Bjorned.  And once she hit the four month mark, we could let her face out.  Hello, world!

But then the inevitable happened . . . the baby grew and grew.  While technically the Bjorn is safe for up to twenty-three pounds, it becomes absolute back torture for the Wearer.  At this point, several parents recommended the Ergo.  I was rather reluctant because of its astonishing price; its clocks in around $120.  Again, woah.  Thankfully, I received a tip that one was available on the Yale version of Craigslist, so I snapped it for the, uh, bargain price of $70.  And, boy, am I glad I did.  These things are awesome.  It doesn't hurt my back at all, which is amazing since I speed walk in it for about 90 minutes a day, plus wear it around the house during the times Audrey demands to be held constantly.  (She's also weighing in at nineteen pounds these days).  Also, if you're the brazen nursing type, it can be done in the Ergo!

The Verdict:

Naps, yes!  She loves to sleep in it.  This is me right now with Audrey Ergoed bouncing on a yoga ball readying her for a nap.  

The Cuteness factor is high.

We have used it more than any other baby item, except for maybe the changing table and the car seats.

This mom and baby team give the Ergo an enthusiastic thumbs way, way up!