Monday, July 5, 2010

The Daily Audrey: Wuv

This morning I woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, which probably hasn't happened since I conceived and birthed the littlest Miller.  (When I first wrote the second half of the previous sentence, it went "since I probably conceived."  Maybe I'm not as awake as I thought.)

Anyways, check out the father and daughter cuteness going on as I write this:

I'm torn between my twin desires of wanting to gaze upon the loves of my life and wanting to eat my yogurt while shopping online.  I guess it's time to invest in a nanny cam.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Daily Audrey: Summer Summer Summertime

My husband possesses the sometimes endearing, sometimes absolutely totally annoying inability to sit still. Blank days on the calendar haunt him like the pair of Frye boots that were on sale but I didn't buy haunt me.  He must atone for this potential loss by planning, organizing, planning, fretting, etc.  This means that since his last day of work last Thursday we have travelled to Pennsylvania, returned on Sunday to host my awesome in-laws on Monday, swim lessons on Wednesday, then had friends visit on Thursday, and now we are preparing for our mostly annual 4th of July PARTY!  PARTY!  PARTY!  I shouldn't fail to mention that within this last week I also heard about, applied, interviewed, and accepted a visiting professor position at UConn.  Go Huskies!

Here we are spending some time with the in-laws at Lighthouse Point.  We recently learned that Lighthouse Point allows wine, which made it all the more disappointing when we went to uncork a bottle and I realized that I left the corkscrew at home.  Why I don't keep a corkscrew in the diaper bag I'll never know.

We went back to Lighthouse Point the next day, corkscrew in hand, to celebrate my new job.

Audrey rocks the love child of a Puritan forefather and a Russian Ballerina look.

There's always that point at the beach where its just easier to be naked, except for sunglasses, of course.

Audrey was back in her suit the next day for swim lessons, where she channeled her inner guppy.

"Yeah, I'll swim.  No problem."

"Back float, you ask?  Done."

Stay tuned as the summer adventure continues!

Friday, July 2, 2010

The Daily Audrey: Lake Winola Forever!

Last weekend the younger Millers ventured out to the grand Millers' Lake Winola abode.  The Debowskis were also there to share in the grand Millers gracious hospitality.

Photo highlights include:

Audrey contemplating her Great-Grandpa.

Gigi introducing her two great-granddaughters to each other.  (Audrey is suitably impressed by her older cousin's coolness).

Gracie's hip indifference holds Audrey in amazement,

especially when Gracie starts showing off her awesome moves.

After awhile, Gracie kindly took it upon herself to teach her lil' cousin some of her awesome ways:  
"Let me show how to crawl, kid."

"And this is how to share."

I think we all can agree that a fantastic time was had by all.  A big thanks to the Great (and) Grandparents Miller for hosting.  We look forward to this now annual event!