Friday, October 22, 2010


As you probably all know, the Millers co-sleep.  It's arrangement that almost always delights and occasionally frustrates.  (You know, much like parenting in general).  Audrey spends most of her sleeping time either by taking up the entire bed or nursing.  Whatever gets you through night, kids.  However, this post is not about the magic of co-sleeping.  This post is about THIS MORNING.

This morning I nursed Audrey while I rested in a dreamy stupor.  Instead of drifting back to sleep as she usually does, Audrey suddenly sat up, coughed like thirty year veteran of the coal mines, and proceeded to vomit all over me.  It was magnificent and thorough.  By the time she was finished, she was giggling and ready to play.  Whatever needed to leave had clearly exited the building.  And Audrey, clever girl that she is, managed to not get a drop of vomit on herself, aiming it all towards her sputtering and now wide-awake mother.

The morning continued in the same vein.  I stumbled towards the kitchen, putting together a quick breakfast of tea and oatmeal.  Audrey and I watched cartoons while I waited for the oatmeal to boil. But it turns out I had turned on the wrong burner!  Ha, ha!  Hijinks, here we come!  The alarming smell of burning steel seared through the living room and I ran into the kitchen to find my largest sauce pan burning in its own metallic juices, while my watery oatmeal sat on the burner next to it, cold as can be.

The offensive pan.

That's not vomit in my hair, that's oatmeal!

As I attempted to put out the shit storm, I came to three conclusions:

1.  Clearly today is a pajama day.  Getting dressed will only complicate what promises to already be a complicated day.

Jama Time!

2.  I can't handle expensive pots and pans.  I've been thinking lately what with my awesome job and all I deserve some awesome cookware.  My entire grown up existence I've shied away from such high-end goods, not because I don't think expensive stuff rocks, but because I break things, I burn dinner, I leave stuff at potlucks.  I have an enviable collection of Fiestaware, but I have never bought china, believing that sturdy Fiestaware can take my manhandling, but delicate china cannot.  And now, after destroying yet another pan (a cheapie, yet favorite), I have proved again to myself that I may fantasize about my kitchen wall hanging with glittery, copper pots (which would also give me an excuse to scream, "Chester Copperpot" about three dozen times a day), but alas, in reality such things are not for me.

3.  Let us embrace who we are.  Yesterday I purchased a new crock pot, which me and a couple of meaty pork chops will be inaugurating this afternoon.  We are crock pot people in pajamas, dammit.  Life is good.

There's pork chops in them veggies!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pumpkins for the Pumpkin

Last weekend we went to Stew Leonard's to get ourselves some pumpkins and to sample the free samples. Audrey was little uncooperative when I attempted to make her a prop in an autumnal tableau:

I'm not a pawn in your games, Mother.

However, she was all ready for some shopping cart adventures!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Two Days in a Row?!

With me working, a lot of the getting Audrey to sleep responsibility has fallen on Alex.  Prior to my new job, I had Audrey down to nice nap routine.  It usually involved me nursing her down on the bed and she would be asleep in 10-20 minutes.  But now that Alex puts her to bed at least three days a week, and nursing her down is not within his otherwise considerable parenting skills, he wears her down in the Ergo.  Usually, I come home from work to find them both asleep on the bed; Audrey sprawled across his chest.  Clearly, the stuff that perfect sleep is made of.  So now nursing Audrey down just doesn't cut it for her anymore.  The maternal bosom pales in comparison to her heroic father's broad chest.

My days of getting a few hours to myself while Audrey naps seem to be over; here we are right now:

Audrey sound asleep strapped to my chest.  I guess I'll shower when Alex gets home.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Maybe More Like the Monthly Audrey . . .

At this point, I think its best to stop offering excuses and just get on with the blog.  I feel like I have so much to say, so much that has been unsaid, that my backlog of Audrey updates is causing me a serious case of writer's block.  So, we're moving on and maybe we will look back, but for now, its about the now.

And now, seemingly overnight, Audrey has transformed from a funny lumpy baby to a wacky little girl.  She crawls all over the place, gets into all sorts of things, likes to hang out under the dining room table, and pulling herself up onto the couch to smack the dog in the face is the height of fun and amusement.

And now for some recent pics:

Alex and Audrey dress alike a lot.  Matching Jets gear . . .

and matching Mets hats . . .

The Millers enjoying Fall:

I hope everyone is enjoying the changing seasons, too . . .

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A few more pictures from a very busy summer...

Like most parents of 10-month olds, Danica and I have been extremely busy these past few months.  We've hit that point where we still have time to do fun things, but we lack the time to talk about them.  Consequently, our digital camera is full of photos that haven't been posted, and you, our dear readers, have been left to imagine just how cute Audrey really is.

In an attempt to right this injustice (and, in the process, assuage my guilty conscience), I present to you a quick montage of summer photos.  The faces and locations should be familiar to those of you who have been following along at home, the only exception being the final few shots, which were taken this morning/afternoon while apple picking at Bishop's Orchard in Guilford.  We hope you enjoy them, and we hope that you know that we're trying to keep you abreast of all things Miller.

Thus, without further adieu...