Friday, January 28, 2011

Like A Bug In A Rug

The poor little bug hasn't been feeling well.  She's been requiring lots of snuggles.  Case in point:  Just now she crawled up my lap and promptly fell asleep.

Notice how her foot is nestled about two inches from her nose.  You know, just like we all sleep.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Several of my good friends are having babies in the next few months and one of them recently requested some advice regarding baby registry.  What do you need, what don't you need.  So I decided to dedicate the following blog to what I think a baby needs those first six months or so . . .

Here's a run down of what babyrus recommends:

Car seats:  We had a travel system and a convertible car seat.  I really, really found the travel system useful.  Those first few months can be really frustrating negotiating baby and the car.  Being able to put the baby in the carrier inside the house and then pop the baby in the car is miles easier than trying to get the baby all ready inside the car.  Also, if the baby falls asleep in the car, toting the baby around in the carrier, instead of waking the baby up, is always a good thing.  We borrowed a Peg Perego system from our good friends, and I loved the carrier, car seat, and stroller.

For our second car, we used a convertible car seat, which is a car seat that works both rear and front-facing, up to at least 55 pounds.  It's not quite as cozy as the infant Peg Perego, but infant car seats are only good up to 25 pounds, and our convertible will get through a few more years.  You might want a head positioner for this, though, if you plan on using it for the infant, as well.

Car seat toys:  We used this little guy for months.  Great in the car, in the stroller, in the play yard, you name it.  You'll also want one or two window shades and I loved my infant car mirror.

Shopping cart cover:  No.  Use a blanket.

Strollers:  If you are using a travel system, I would wait and figure out what you'll want in a regular stroller.  There are so many different types.  I thought I would want a jogger stroller, but then once you realize the kind of sidewalks you need for a jogger stroller to actually be jogged with, you might reconsider.  Also, you can find tons, and I mean, tons of jogging stroller on craigslist barely used.  (This is because unless you were a serious jogger before you got pregnant, you aren't suddenly going to become one with a baby in tow, despite all of your post-baby weight resolutions).    This is the stroller we use now, but we use the ergo carrier about a million times more than we use this.

Carriers:  I love and loved to wear Audrey.  Not only does it make you feel close and cuddly and perfect, it's also so easy.  You are hands-free, your baby is soothed, and it's frankly good for your body.  My favorites are the Ergo, which you can now buy with an infant attachment, and the Bjorn, newborn to four month old stage.  I actually registered for the Moby wrap this time around.  I've never used it, but my friend (the Peg Perego mom) uses one and it just looks like the cuddliest thing ever.

Play yards:  One of my big regrets with Audrey is that I didn't get a fancy play yard.  I didn't think I would need one, but let me tell you, if you think you might be one of those crazy got to be with my baby at all times moms, then this is for you.  I just couldn't stand to let Audrey sleep out of my sight, and with these fancy play yards, you get the mobile and the music and the changing table all in one.  Especially if you have a two-story house, you will want a place for the baby to hang out that is on the same floor as  you.  And don't forget sheets.  Two will be more than enough.

Activity:  We had a swing, a gym, a stationary jumper, and a bouncer that we bought at a garage sale that never bounced.  We used the swing and the jumper all the time and I would say they were both life savers.  There were probably a good two/three months when Audrey was only content if she was in the swing.  I cannot recommend the swing enough.  And the jumper probably got at least 30 minutes of activity a day from 4 months to 12 months.  Well worth the rather pricey amount.  But the gym Audrey really never cared for.  And the bouncer worked well for a few months.  I could strap her into it, put her in the bathroom, and get a quick shower in.  Not ideal, and I'm not entirely sold on what seems like a rather pricey activity toy, but other moms swear by it.

Feeding/Nursing:  Unless your baby is a preemie, or has other health issues, you don't need to sterilize your bottles.  And now doctors recommend heating a bottle by putting it under warm water.  So warmers/sterilizers are probably unnecessary.  For burp cloths, we just used receiving blankets.  I would register for a ton of those.  And bibs, no need to register for those.  People will gift you tons of them.  I don't know why.

Breastfeeding:  Breast pads, shields, creams.  Yes.  In fact, make sure to buy them if you don't receive them as gifts.  These are not the sort of thing that you want your husband to run to Target for.  When you need them, you'll want them NOW.

Boppy.  The most important baby accessory of all.  And get an extra cover.

Nursing wrap.  I loved mine.  I only used it for a few months, just while I was getting the hang of things, but it was super-necessary for those few months.

Breast milk storage containers:  These depend on what kind of pump you plan on using.  I got a hand pump because I knew I would not be pumping that much and therefore I used storage containers that fit with my pump.

Bottle feeding:  We had a lot of issues getting Audrey on the bottle.  (And ironically, now we can't get her off!).  We love Dr. Browns, but I recommend registering for 3-6 bottles and then waiting to see if those work for your baby.  You might have to try out several types of bottles/nipples before you find out which ones work.

Baby feeding:  The little spoons with the rubber on the tip are great.  Training cups are nice, too.  Baby food processors are for the ambitious mom.  The Bumpo is cool, too.

High Chair:  This is the high chair we got.  We love it.  It easily converts to booster, as well.

Bathing:  Clearly, you'll want a bath tub.  We actually ended up needing about 20 washcloths because Audrey was sensitive to wipes in the beginning.  (It turns out many babies are sensitive to wipes and have to use washcloths at first).  I would seriously get a ton of washcloths.  We still use ours for all sorts of bathing and wiping purposes.  We also like hooded bath towels, especially for those first few months.  One is all you'll need though.

Baby grooming/Safety care:  You'll probably want it all.  Will you use it all?  No, but it's nice to know they are there if you need them.

Diapering:  I loved Pampers Sensitive Swaddlers diapers.  I think you are crazy if you try to use cloth diapers in the beginning.  For me, it would have been just too much, but I know lots of together moms who used them and had no mental breakdowns.  We just used a garbage can for our diaper pail.  The diaper pails that smell all rosy sort of freak me out.

Wipe warmer?  I can't really form an opinion on this one.

Diaper bags?  I had one, but it was too small for all the stuff I always felt I needed with me, especially because I would use mine as a purse, as well.  We ended up buying a big ole messenger bag from the Gap.  Much more fashion and dad friendly.

Video monitor:  Totally.  This is a major regret of mine.  I didn't get one, so, instead, I would just accidently wake Audrey up after I checked on her for the millionth time that day.

Nursery stuff:  We loved our Arms Reach co-sleeper.  Especially great if you plan on breastfeeding.  But really, any bassinet/cradle will do. You'll want at least two extra sheets.

Crib.  Clearly.  Extra sheets, too.  Crib toy?  A lot of people swear by the little animals that make soothing sounds that you can hang from the crib.  Audrey never cared for her soothing noise makers, but ours actually did help me and Alex sleep.  She loved her mobiles.  We actually had ones on her crib, her changing table, and her swing.  They never helped her sleep, but boy, did she find them mesmerizing.  We also have a changing table, which we used until she got too big, and now it works as a great dresser/shelf unit.  You'll want two changing table covers, as well.

Blankets:  The wearable blankets are great and highly recommended by just about the whole medical world.  We also loved swaddle blankets.  I would get two of each.

Clothing:  You'll probably receive tons of clothing, especially if you are having a girl.  For the first month or so, Audrey only wore pajamas.  We quickly found out that we needed lots of pajamas.  At least nine pairs if you plan on doing laundry twice a week.  Babies are messy and their clothes get quickly messy, too.  If its warm enough, they could probably just wear onesies.  Again, I recommend at least nine onesies, if that's your plan.  We also like the onesies that button up the sides, instead of pulling the onesie over the head.  The infant head is weird, scary thing.

Toys:  This was a major prenatal favorite.  I would put it on my belly and Audrey would do her best mermaid impression:

I think this sums it up.  I would love to hear further suggestions or questions.  Babies, yah!

Monday, January 3, 2011

What You Talkin' 'Bout, Audrey?

Audrey's vocabulary thus far:

1.  dad . . . This is Audrey's first word and her favorite word.  She says it all the time.  she says it while crawling after her dad.  She's says it when waking up.  She says it when she thinks she hears him coming up the stairs home from work.  I'm totally not bitter about this.  Not bitter at all.

2.  uh-oh . . . usually used when referring to her own farting.  This is funny every time.

3.  woah . . . used either when it's really windy outside or when she is throwing oranges.  (Audrey will throw an orange for hours).  I wonder what she would say if oranges were blowing in the wind.

4.  sailor . . . Clearly, this one is a toughy.  For awhile, Audrey would say something that sounded a lot like 'sa,' but today she progressed to 'tailor.'  I am just surprised that she knows that Sailor's name is, indeed, Sailor, and not, you know, "Sailor Down," or "Sailor Peed on the Floor, dammit!"

Audrey's signing thus far:
I've totally lagged behind on all my signing ambitions.  I remember to sign about 1/3 of the time.  However, we do have . . . 

1.  pointing . . . She points at what she wants and gosh darn it, she wants it now.

2.  blowing kisses . . . The other day Audrey came home from daycare blowing kisses like little Miss Toddler America.  She's not entirely adept at moving her hand from her mouth after she kisses it, so blowing kisses quickly devolves into Audrey just making out with own hand.

3.  shakes her head no . . .  I saw this in action for the first time last night.  I asked Audrey if she wanted another graham cracker and she shook her head no.  Contextualizing the situation, shaking her head either means, "no," or it means, "Stop talking!  I'm watching Yo Gabba Gabba!"

And, of course, Audrey often finds words unnecessary to express herself:

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Year in Pictures

Okay.  So, I'm starting the "year" off with Audrey's debut.  So, really, this is the "Last Fourteen Months in Pictures."

November 2009 


January 2010











Happy New Year!