Thursday, February 3, 2011


When I was about 10 weeks along, Alex, Audrey, and I had lunch with our friends, Tara and Jay.  Tara, without any prompting, told me I was having a boy, the very idea of which I hadn't even toyed with.  Alex parroted, "I think it's a boy, too."  I ignored Alex and turned to Tara, "What?  Why?" I asked her, totally amused at the absurdity.  "Because," she explained, "everything about this pregnancy has been completely different than your pregnancy with Audrey."  And this is true.  Let me compare the first trimesters:

Audrey:  Morning sickness that lasted until night.  Ravenously hungry for pub food when not sick.  Gained fifteen pounds.  Sooooooo tired.

Bud:  A little sick.  Super-hungry for sweets.  The discovery of the Donut Inn down the way changed my whole perception on life.  Gained three pounds.  A little more tired than usual, but I never fell asleep on the coffee table like I once did when preggers with Audrey.

So I started to think maybe.  Maybe it is.

Then, at thirteen weeks, we begged an ultrasound out of our doctor.  She told us it was a wee big early, but we could try.  (We found out at fourteen weeks with Audrey so we were optimistic we would be able to tell.)

The doctor thought she saw a vaginal cleft, but she wouldn't go on record.  And so, even though it was unofficial, I decided we were having a girl.  

And it would be another ten weeks till we found out the truth.  Due to the most annoying set of circumstances ever, our anatomy ultrasound had to be rescheduled three times.  Finally, two days ago, the Millers braved an ice storm to finally get this business over with.  The ultrasound technician asked us what we thought it was.  I said I knew it was a girl, but my husband thought it was a boy.  And she replied, "Well, he is right."  I was about to correct her and tell her that I thought it was a girl, and not Alex, and then I realized that, indeed, Alex was right and we were having a boy!  So funny!  So exciting!

Possibly NSFW image below:

(Thanks for the classy arrow, Ultrasound Tech.)

And really, so novel.  See, I just don't have any experience with boys.  I have two younger sisters.  I have a ton of cousins, and while the boys are as equally represented as the girls, all the girls are my age or younger.  I know what older boys are like, but baby ones are one big mystery.  

Alex and I have since discussed what it means to have a boy versus a girl, which Alex summed up pretty well: "Besides that goofy thing you've been doing with Audrey's hair, I expect we'll raise them both the same."  So no pigtails on baby Bud, and I've cleaned out the dresses from Audrey's bags (and bags and bags) of hand-me-downs, but Bud will definitely be wearing pink onesies and pajamas.  I'm not about to buy a whole slew of gender appropriate onesies for him to wear for three hours before he spits up all over it.  I might also have to add a few mermen to the walls of our mermaid and pirate bedecked playroom.  I wouldn't want Bud thinking he can't be a merperson when he grows up, 

because merpeople are a big deal in our household.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Still Sorta Surprised

After delay upon delay, we were finally able to have our anatomy ultrasound today.  Much to everyone's surprise, we're having a boy!  

Audrey was so excited she decided to take a nap.  Meanwhile, Alex and I just keep exclaiming, "I can't believe it's a boy!"

In a gesture designed to appease both sides of the family tree and honor several relatives, we've decided to name this little boy Theodore Alexander Miller IV, but we're just going to call him "Bud."