Saturday, December 31, 2011

Making the Cut

The Christmas cards this year were a catastrophe.  I know, dear readers, that you just read that statement in disbelief and for further proof of my idiocy, you are right now looking at our Christmas card, which you framed immediately after receiving because, my God!, the cuteness contained within needed to be preserved for eternity, but seriously, capturing that beauty was brutal, soul-killing work.

Here is a sampling of the pictures that didn't make the card:

Cute, right?

Ho hum.

How about this side, ladies?

Here comes trouble!

I am your leader!  I will not sit down!

At this point, we thought we found a few pictures that could possibly be card worthy, but the good people at Tiny Prints told us that the lighting or something wouldn't print well.  (I think this is just a stock euphemism for "Your kids are goofy.)

And so, photo session two:

Okay.  Maybe I will sit down.  Smile, no.

Smile, yes.  But wait, what is over there?

Holy Smokes!  What's up there?!

Whatever it is, let's continue to look at it and not at the camera.  (To be honest, I'm pretty sure that it's me that is "up there," performing some sort of physical hijinks to get this tough crowd to smile).

Oh, it's just mom.

Still no reason to look at  the camera.

Happy Holidays!  
I hope they were as perfectly imperfect as ours.