Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving, Part 1

Today Audrey's preschool is celebrating Thanksgiving with a big ole traditional feast (We brought juices boxes) and the kids were encouraged to come in costume!  Everyone was very excited to see Audrey dressed in her Puyallup finest.  Miss Marina (Audrey's teacher) told me that during the Thanksgiving lesson, the kids learned that Audrey's grandpa helped the Pilgrims find food.  All the kids were suitably impressed.  

Here is Audrey in all of her finery:

Actually, Indians did wear cowboy boots.  Indians were the original cowboys, you know.

Besides the Pendleton blanket, the only "authentic" piece she is wearing is a necklace made of trade beads that my dad gave me.  I was little hesitant to let her wear it, but it looked so nice, and I made a point to discuss the beads and their importance with her caregivers, so hopefully it will be used in a lesson today.

She got tired of carrying the blanket in the "proper" way pretty quickly.

And finally, here's Audrey with the Thanksgiving Budderball.

I will never get tired of calling Bud "Budderball."  And I will never get tired of being ridiculously, overwhelming proud of my kids.  

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Daily Audrey and Bud: Get On Your Bikes and Ride!

Yesterday (which is really Sunday, as this won't post until Tuesday) we decided to take advantage of the freakishly good weather and go for the the last bike ride of the season.

Alex tried to take a picture of him and Bud while riding.  It wasn't successful.

He did a better job with me and Audrey.

Bud quickly succumbed to the relaxing, smooth ride.

Now to figuratively switch gears:  People have been saying of late how much Audrey looks like Alex and Bud looks like me.  And maybe that is true.  But in terms of attitude, Audrey is all me.

Case in point:

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Daily Bud and Audrey: Home Schooled

Every now and then, I have fantasies about home schooling the kids.  These fantasies usually occur when the kids are quietly sleeping in their beds or off at daycare while I toil over a thankless dissertation. Rarely do I fantasize about the prospect of homeschooling when I am actually at home with the kids, mainly because when I am home with the kids I have little time to indulge in such whimsical moments. My days at home alone with the kids usually involve me running after this pair of rapscallions as they wreck their own special, sweet havoc upon the earth.  But this Friday, with no errands to run and no reliable car to run them in anyways, we had ourselves a nice little day full of fun crafts and healthy snacks.  A homeschool dream realized. 

Alex and the kids had gathered a bunch of pine cones the weekend before, which we planned on spackling with peanut butter and covering in bird seed.

I peanut buttered, while the kids rolled the cones in oats.

It was not the tidiest of projects.

Bud helpfully swept the floor, and Sailor did her part by licking up stray seeds.

The finished project!

Bird feeders for all!  And by bird feeders, I mean, squirrel feeders, 'cause those cheeky rodents devoured every single pine cone within 24 hours.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Snow Day!

We woke up Thursday to a winter wonderland.  Alex celebrated his two hour school delay by shoveling out the cars.

Audrey was super-excited about the snow.

Bud, not so much.

To be fair, six inches of snow for Bud is the equivalent of an adult running around in three feet of snow.

Audrey tried to soothe him.

Finally, she showed him the wonders of making snowballs,

which Bud found utterly delightful.

Despite the days of crazy weather, and the countless Halloween delays, it's still been a really good week :)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Halloween: Part Two (For Reals)

As you all know from my earlier post, Halloween was postponed this year due to Hurricane Sandy.  The daycare party was held a week late.  

Here is Prince Budderdink checking out the "Home Living Center" in Audrey's Preschool room

and here is Princess Audrey letting herself eat cake.

She is very intent on her royal duties.

The Prince needs a cold one after a long day of rule.

Alas, there was no trick-or-treating that evening cause this happened:

We are averaging a major weather phenomenon every week lately.

(I was writing this while nursing the Princeling, and I have the distinct impression that a swift leg kick on his part published a version of this before I was finished.  Sorry about that.)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Daily Audrey and Bud: Hungry!

This is what happens in our house when mom announces it's time to make dinner.  

Suddenly everyone hops on mom!  Don't go, mom!  Snuggles!  Now!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Daily Bud: PYT!

This time last year I made the greatest video of all time.  Let's watch it again.

And maybe again.

Friday, November 2, 2012


May your weekend be full of swinging.  Or, as Audrey would say, "SWINGING!!".

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Daily Bud and Audrey: Halloween Part 1

Halloween is my third favorite holiday, right after Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It actually might be tied for third with Valentine's Day, but I guess that it is a discussion for another day.  Anticipation for Halloween has been building for weeks.  Audrey declared early and loudly in the season that she wanted to be a "PRINCESS IN A PINK DRESS!"  Grandma Miller happily obliged with the Pinkest and Most Princessy Dress of Them All.

The Dress was all of Audrey's dreams come true.

There was some debate over what Bud should be for Halloween.  Audrey settled that debate by declaring that Bud would be a king.  (She also wanted me to be a witch and Alex to be a mermaid.)  One of Bud's many nicknames is "The Great Prince Budderdink," so the costume did fit him in many ways.  Grandma Miller again leapt to the rescue, and with a little "Bippity Boppity Boo" turned a Christmas tree skirt into a dashing cape fit for a king.

How cute is he?  Bud would make the best benevolent ruler!
And together they would rule the world!

Which, Bud learned quickly, is a tough job.

Audrey let off stress by indulging in a princess drink.

Later that evening, the Royals went out for trick-or-treating.

They were both pretty pleased with this whole ask for candy and ye shall receive business.

We then watched a few Halloween cartoons,

which I guess were not as age-appropriate as I initially assumed.

Considering that only two days before we had weathered a hurricane, Halloween was a success.  However, due to that hurricane, Halloween has been officially rescheduled for next Wednesday, so really, we are in the midst of Halloween Week!  Look for Halloween Part Two:  The Daycare Costume Parade to post soon!