Monday, December 31, 2012

The Daily Audrey and Bud: Hey, Cookie

I'm on a mom discussion board on Facebook, and I recently asked what holiday traditions will you change for next year and what ones will you keep?  The following is a tradition that will be changing:

I was all excited to decorate cookies with the kiddos this year.  I felt they were finally old enough to really partake of this most delicious of traditions.  In an effort to keep it low-key, I didn't make the mix from scratch, nor did I use the ready-made dough.  I bought the dry mix where all you need to do is add an egg and butter.  I figured this way the kids could still get the experience of adding ingredients and mixing without all the hassle of measuring.  (This is the first time that I didn't make cookies from scratch, so I felt a little uncomfortable with using this baking shortcut.  FYI:  I also haven't made cookies in about four years, so it's not like I'm whipping up cookies from scratch all the time, either).

In preparation, they put on their aprons and Audrey put on her princess gown and tiara.

Oh, they liked mixing.  A little too much.

After about two hours of cookie-making, we had cut out a total of eight cookies and I was about to have a mom meltdown.  I moved the cookie cutting operation into the kitchen and put in a movie for the kids.  I finished cutting and baking the cookies the rest of the afternoon.

Two days later, I was mentally recovered enough to attack the cookies again.  This time, no mixing, cutting, or baking, just straight up frosting and sprinkles.  This time, Bud is wearing his princess dress.

Things went from good,

to bad,

to better.

Audrey and Bud's commentary on the whole process:

And finally, the finished product, which we later delivered to our neighbors.  I'm not sure how much they appreciated them.

Lessons learned:
1.  Buy the ready-made dough and cut and bake the cookies myself.  The kids can't handle that much mirth.
2.  If you need to soften a stick of butter, let Bud hold it in his hand for about ten minutes.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Daily Audrey: Merry Christmas to All!

As you are all probably aware, yesterday was Audrey's first holiday concert.  What follows are lots of photos.  Lots and lots of photos.

They made reindeer antlers in class.  

The reindeer are getting ready.

The cuteness is just too much.

The blurry person is Miss Marina, who is trying to turn chaos into a Christmas recital miracle.

Yet chaos still reigns.

And the cuteness continues ...

Audrey holding jingle bells and singing "Jingle Bells."

She can do it all.

Oh, there were other kids there, too.

For the Grande Finale, an almost full rendition of Audrey singing along to "Santa Claus is Coming to Town."

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 14, 2012