Thursday, April 4, 2013

Scary Days Ahead

The day is rapidly approaching when I will go from a Mom-Who-Works-From-Home to a (part-time) Stay-At-Home-Mom.  I'm attempting to assuage any ambivalent feelings I have about this by spending a lot of time on Pinterest, planning outdoor activities, and comparison shopping various home goods.  BTW, mayonnaise is cheaper at Target (as all are condiments) than at StopnShop, but somehow I think Target wins every time I go there.

Anyways, as a sign of the approaching times, I found this dehydrated strawberries recipe on Pinterest, and I thought, what a healthy snack for my children!  This is what the photo presented to me.

This is what I made.

Little alien strawberries.

The kids were unamused.  Here is Audrey, refusing to let anything like that strawberry near her mouth and contentedly munches on a fish stick instead.

Bud's response was a direct:


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